ROW80 Update – Day 35

ROW80 LogoThis is the post where I keep it honest about my writing goals.

  1. Increase my total word count by 500 on my WIP each day, Monday-Friday. I’m working on a first-person present-tense thing by the seat of my pants (but some ideas are forming as I go), and another 3rd person thing that’s intricately plotted. My first-person protagonist (unreliable narrator) is a hell of a lot more fun to write, so I’m focusing on him until I can figure out how to make my other story’s protagonist less boring.
  2. Get some exercise. Yesterday we went hiking in the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, New Mexico.  2.6 miles, I think it was. Forest, mountains, cool and sunny weather, and breathtaking valley views of White Sands National Monument about 20 miles away.
  3. Participate in life with other humans. While hiking we saw a runner risking his life by speeding down the trail (meanwhile we’re huffing and puffing and going really slow because we’re out of shape), other hikers and their dogs, and one guy who was riding his mountain bike UP the steep and rocky hill. We almost got lost where our trail split off onto another trail (because we left the guide book in the car), and our husky had the time of his life listening for critters in the woods and peeing on every tree. Then we had lunch in Cloudcroft, and on the way back stopped at the Old Apple Barn for some candy and fudge and cider. A good time all around.

But life throws us a couple curve balls, just to keep it interesting:

My disabled cat was sick yesterday, so I worried about him and we almost didn’t go hiking. He’s fine today and eating and drinking normally. Last night he had to have a bath, which he cries through, even though I let him lean the top half of his body on a towel beside the sink (he can’t run away because he’s got some kind of muscular dystrophy), and then a blow-dry, which he wasn’t crazy about but tolerated because he liked the warmth.

And then, this morning, the car wouldn’t start (of course on a Sunday when everything’s closed) so my spouse had to walk the laundry to the laundromat, about a mile and a half away, because we don’t have a washing machine. She got a ride home from a someone she knows and saw at the grocery store near the laundromat.

I’ve been a AAA Gold member for over 30 years, since I was about 17. Every year we find a reason to use the service, either for towing or jump-starting. Today, jump-starting didn’t work (it’s not the battery – we just had it replaced last month), so tomorrow, it will be towing to a garage so they can find out if it’s the fuel line or whatnot and fix it (which we can’t afford). And AAA earns its keep again.

So how’s your weekend going?


4 thoughts on “ROW80 Update – Day 35

  1. Aaaaaaahhhh… New Mexico. And Husky. (We lived in NM from 1999-05.) The parallels abound! 😀 Indeed, we had to get new tires for our car this week, so even the car problems match. LOL
    Glad to hear you’re still managing to write, regardless. 🙂


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