What do you mean yesterday wasn’t Saturday?

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day. My spouse had the day off. My weekday rhythm was in turmoil. It felt like Saturday. Thus: No ROW80 update, no blog post, no 1980s music video on The Soundtrack of My Life.

But we made cookies, so there’s that goodness.

My ROW80 goals are simple: write every day, get some exercise, and participate in life with other humans.

I am writing, although I’m taking a break from my plotted novel. I’m bored with my plotted novel’s main character. He just seems so… blah. He needs some personality. On the other hand, the unreliable narrator in a different story that I’m writing by the seat of my pants (with only a vague idea of where I’m headed) is so interesting and fun that I’m focusing on him for the moment while my subconscious works on the other protagonist problem. But I am writing every day.

I’m doing a qi gong routine in the morning before I start writing. It’s relaxing, helps me focus, and makes me move. I also play tug with my husky, who pulls like a freight train. Good arm workout, there.

Making cookies with the spouse on her day off constitutes participating in life in my book. Otherwise, I’m chatting with friends on Facebook and looking in on Twitter.

Our car is fixed now. A fuel sensor broke and that’s why it wouldn’t start. The awesome thing that came out of that was the folks my spouse works with. She got offers from two people to borrow their spare car and truck. The generosity floored her. She did borrow the car (the truck didn’t have insurance and had expired tags) for day, until our little Meep got home safely from the garage.

Now she’s writing thank-you cards to the people who offered their vehicles. I say we also need to bake something yummy for the one who did lend us the car. And that, my friends, is how you human.

So how is your week going?


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