Row80 Update: Day 42

My goals for A Round of Words in 80 Days:

  1. Increase my total word count by 500 on my WIP each day, Monday-Friday. My seat-of-the-pants novel is coming along, although I’m still in Chapter One and reaching 3,000 words. On Friday I made the mistake of going to Wikipedia to look up something really quick and ended up reading about Jeffrey Dahmer for 30 minutes (it’s character-related, so it’s all good). Then the latest Paris attacks happened and that was it for me for writing for the day.
  2. Get some exercise every day. Qi gong in the house most days. Saturday morning I was feeling a little weepy from the weekend’s sudden change in demeanor (death toll in Paris: 127 at last count). It was a gorgeous, sunny day, so we went walking with Kavi, our Husky, along the Healing Waters Trail in Truth or Consequences; something we’ve been meaning to do. We started at the Veterans’ Memorial and hiked through desert scrub, to the Wetlands/Rotary Park on the banks of the Rio Grande. Many creosote and mesquite to be seen, and little lizards scurrying underfoot. Kavi got to put his feet in the water.
  3. Participate in life with other humans. On our way back to the car after the trail, we took a “shortcut” up a steep hill to a dirt path and met a group of kids playing with homemade bows and arrows. They got to pet Kavi, showed us their stick and string bows, and the hunting knife they found in a nearby cave. It was kind of like something out of Stand By Me (sans the goal of seeing a corpse). I was surprised they were out in the beautiful weather, exploring and using their imaginations. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen kids outside on a Saturday, doing things I did when I was their age (we didn’t have video games or internet back then). Then we cut through the New Mexico State Veterans Home and saw one of the vets sitting outside. He turned his wheelchair in our direction when he saw Kavi. I don’t imagine they get many canine visitors in the Home, so I took his facing us as an invitation and detoured in his direction. He was happy to pet and hug Kavi (Kavi LOVES all people!), and I was happy we were able to brighten his day a bit. This is how you human.

We still have cookie dough left from Wednesday’s batch, so we’re going to roll it out, cut, and bake those up today…as soon as I can convince my cat it’s time to get out of my lap.

How’s your weekend going?


3 thoughts on “Row80 Update: Day 42

  1. Glad you were able to get out and “human”. I love the reference to “Stand by Me”, great movie. I sure wish kids would get out and have adventures like we used to. They are missing out on so much in life and I wonder what they will remember from their childhoods.


  2. Mmm, cookies. We’ve got a gorgeous day here today after a week of rain, so I really should follow your example and get out in it for a while. Well done on the human-ing. I really miss my trampoline; I think I spent at least equal times on it and the computer when I was younger. Now I’m stuck in a flat and waste all my time online.

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  3. My homeschooled kids, 14 and 11, both enjoy doing things outdoors (and also love technology – fortunately, those hours not spent behind school walls each weekday allow them plenty of time for both).

    Right now, they’re nocturnal, so they’ve been going out into the yard at dawn to play. They’ve got a huge leaf pile, and the rake, at the moment, in addition to the trampoline and other diverse items.

    Last year, while walking to a store in the nearest town (about 3 miles from us), my son was stopped by police because someone reported him truant. I think there’s something sad in assuming that children belong in schools, and that that something robs them of a certain freedom…

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