ROW80 Update – Day 45

ROW80 LogoWe’re on Day 45 of Round 4 of A Round of Words in 80 Days, the writing challenge that knows you have a life.

My goals for this round have changed since the very beginning. I’ve made adjustments that make sense to me and that I can live with. The great thing about ROW80 is its flexibility to accommodate whatever life throws at you.

My goals for this round are simple (and will probably be the goals for next round as well):

  1. Increase my total word count by 500 on my WIP each day, Monday-Friday. I don’t think I’m quite doing 500, but I’m making progress. My seat-of-the-pants story is nearing the end of Chapter 1 and my unreliable narrator is fast-talking his way out of a sticky situation. But the lies he’s telling now are only going to cause him more trouble down the line. This is as it should be. My job is to make his life as difficult as possible. I expect to hit 3500-4000 words by the time I’m done with this chapter’s first draft. I’m at 3100 right now. Then I might polish it and send it in to Flogging the Quill for first-page critique.
  2. Get some exercise every day. Qi gong yesterday, along with meditation on the zafu and zabuton (something I’ve had for a few years but of which I am only now making regular use). Back is achy today, so I may just do shavasana with my legs up on the blankets on the yoga mat and call it a day. Shavasana is the only thing that’ll help my back.
  3. Participate in life with other humans. I haven’t gotten out of the house since the weekend (my spouse works while I stay at home, write, and cat-wrangle our seniors and disabled young-un), but I did chat with the neighbors briefly while I was collecting tumbleweeds in the yard. We have wonderful neighbors next door, behind, and across the street, and we all know each others’ names. Before we moved here, we didn’t know our neighbors’ names and rarely interacted with them. Here, we exchange favors and help, and occasionally surprise each other with food gifts.

Speaking of food… we baked up all the cookie dough last Sunday and snarfed them down way more often than we probably should have. We finished the last of them last night while watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (one more season to go!).

How’s your week going?


14 thoughts on “ROW80 Update – Day 45

  1. I miss DS9!
    But I felt like they gave up when they got their own starship. The writers abandoned the core of the series, which was about a space station, and threw in a starship because that story format is tried and true.
    There is SO much more they could have done with the station!

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    1. I don’t know. The Defiant was pretty badass (most powerful ship in Starfleet), but it’s main purpose was to defend the station. It spent most of its time docked, until the war with the Dominion. The runabouts were used more than the Defiant, I think.

      What really makes me want to kill is every appearance of Kai Winn. The actor does a great job of making me hate her with the burning passion of a thousand supernovas. 🙂

      Also, I’m very, very tired of Worf. Quark is my favorite, with Dax a very close second. And Gul Dukat a close third. He’s completely evil nuts now, but he’s still sexy.

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  2. Confession time:

    I fell asleep during the premier of DS9. I tried, but…it never caught me.

    I think it was the lack of Vulcans. Because I need Vulcans.

    I’ll be giving it another try, though, during the Star Trek Chronology Project. I’ve just finished all of Enterprise, except the travesty of a finale, and am into Season 1 of TOS.

    I love my Spock – that’s never going to change…but I miss T’Pol. And Trip. Because T’Pol and Trip.

    It’s a good thing to know your neighbors, particularly if you’re kept more or less rooted to home.

    May your week be lovely!


      1. We lost our second child in the NICU when he was 12 days old. I cried for four days after that episode, and still think it was the perfect ending, and they should have stopped there, with T’Pol taking Trip’s hand, full circle from T’Pol refusing Trip’s handshake in the pilot.

        T’Pol has, on several occasions since, woken me up in the middle of the night to make me cry again as she reveals bits and pieces of what happens next.

        Someday I’ll have written it all, because she’s not about to let me stop, and T’Pol with her mind made up can be rather – umm, forcefully stubborn, And that’s without Trip backing her up, and he’s totally on her side with this one…

        Is it possession if your mind is taken over by fictional characters you didn’t even create, but who won’t let you go? 😉


      2. Elijah would be twelve now. We’ve all adjusted to life as a family that will always have a piece missing, but it would be a lie to say that he’s not always with me…

        Jolene Blalock and Connor Trinneer took a beautiful, tragic script and made magic out of it. They made it so real, I truly grieved – for Trip and T’Pol, who clearly loved Elizabeth even though they had no idea she’d been created; and for us, for Elijah; and for all the families who lose babies and children.

        “A well-rounded, believable character that you have connected deeply with.” Yup, that’s T’Pol for me, all right. I’ve always loved Vulcans, but they were usually portrayed as paragons, more or less – fairly one-dimensional, with the exclusion of Spock, who was of course half-human, so didn’t count…

        But T’Pol…she struggles, she errs, she dares, she suffers, she loves, she fights with her mother…she lives. Not a human life, but a Vulcan life with a great deal of dimension.

        AND she can kick butt and drop you with one hand, which, let’s face it, is prerry cool! =)


  3. I did not watch Deep Space Nine, but I did watch Voyager and some of Enterprise. Always meant to watch DS9, though.

    You did well!

    What is Shavasana? I am curious because both my hubby and I have back issues, and maybe that would help…


    1. Shavasana (or Savasana) is a yoga pose, commonly known as “corpse pose.” Basically, you lay flat on your back on the mat, arms relaxed at your sides. When I learned yoga, our instructor did shavasana with two folded blankets stacked, over which we’d drape our knees, elevating the feet a little bit. This forces the lower back to press into the floor. I have a bad lower back, so this is a gentle equivalent of going to a chiropractor and having him or her press on it to adjust.

      I haven’t gotten to Voyager yet. I tried watching it once when it was freshly on TV, but Janeway seemed weak to me and I couldn’t stand her voice. We’ll give it another go after DS9 is done. 🙂


  4. It is important, while wrangling cats, to get some human interaction in there, as well. I’m glad that’s a goal of yours! And congratulations on your word counts! My own personal writing goal is simply to add new words every day, even if it’s only just a single word (actually did that once). Most days, I write MUCH more than I had anticipated! 🙂


    1. I find that if I sit my butt in the chair AWAY from the computer and use a notebook and pen, I write more than I would being distracted by the internet. If the computer’s shut down, I won’t be as tempted to “look up something really quick” and end up surfing for 2 hours…

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