ROW80 Update – Day 17

ROW80 LogoYoga with cats in the house is a whole new practice in patience and focus.

Here are my goals and where I am:

Writing: I made it through the second week of A Round of Words in 80 Days on target with my daily word count (I’m at 8000 words and starting Chapter 3). Ian, my demon narrator, continues to surprise me with his sensitivity and snarkiness. I also found out he’s a name dropper.

Exercise: Not so much with the daily exercise. I asked my spouse to keep her ears open for anyone wanting to get rid of a treadmill or elliptical equipment. There’s room to put either or both of these right near my desk, so I can do five minutes or whatever when I get up for a break. We used to  have a recumbent bike, which I loved and used regularly because I could read while peddling. However, we gave it to a friend when we moved. But now, because I sit all day, I want something that will get me off my ass. I can walk and read at the same time, if I don’t have to see where I’m going, so a treadmill seems ideal. In the meantime, I’m going back to yoga to help with my back issues. I found Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, and I really like her style.

Life: On the interacting with other humans front, my spouse and I went to our local movie theater and finally got to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Minor spoilers follow, but no names mentioned). This on Friday after a sad and unsettling week of celebrity deaths (Lemmy, Bowie, Dan Haggerty). I saw it coming in the scene, but I was not prepared for the emotional fallout that happened over the next two days. After losing so many people I admired and grew up watching, the death of my favorite Star Wars character left me feeling hollow. And then on Monday morning, I hear Glenn Frey has died, too. Now I’m afraid to turn on my computer to see who else I admire is gone.

On a more positive note, my spouse and I spent some time cooking together on Sunday. Nothing is more life-affirming and social than making good food with good people. For this week, at least, we are foregoing the frozen pizza in favor of knowing what’s in our food. We have let that slide recently in favor of convenience, but we are determined to get back to cooking regularly again (we make a few things on the weekend that will last us most of the week).  The bean and leek cassoulet with biscuits from the Veganomicon is one of our favorites, but all the veggie chopping, broth dissolving, and biscuit rolling is time consuming. It requires a tag-team effort to not take forever to make. Then I made spinach balls and she made an apple pie. Num!

But enough about me. How are you doing, ROWers? Keeping it 100?


3 thoughts on “ROW80 Update – Day 17

  1. Same issues for me . . . writing, exercise, cooking. Yoga to the rescue. Bi-weekly commitments help as well. Kind of like that look in the mirror. I’m not so sure how to confront loss. Maybe recognizing what others have meant, the affirmation of their place/influence will help. I’m intrigued by that demon narrator, his snarkiness, and wondering what you’ll be reading on that treadmill (when you get one). Have you considered WIPpet Wednesday to share work-in-progress???? We cook together as well and have started making weekly menus, but some meals last more than one meal or even two. Tonight just sandwiches. But I notice the grocery bill is going down as we cook this way. Have a good week and great progress.

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