The Care and Feeding of A Writer

yogaI should subtitle this entry “Yoga with Cats,” because the furgirls in my household keep coming in to check on me when they see me on the mat. The furboys apparently don’t care that I’m laying on the floor like a corpse.

On my page titled Three Necessary Things for Writers I detail some essentials that, on first glance, have nothing to do with writing, but in reality have everything to do with writing. Number two on that list is “Get Some Exercise.”

Truth be told, I haven’t always followed my own advice. But this week I discovered Yoga with Adriene on Youtube, and her style is so charming and infectious that I have found myself on the mat every day this week before beginning my writing sessions. As a result, I’m coming to my writing with a clear head and already feeling that I have accomplished something that day. I’m still building strength with the Foundations and Beginner videos, but it’s a great feeling to come back to yoga after years away.

But this post isn’t about yoga, although it was inspired by it. It’s about doing good things for yourself. Taking care and showing respect for yourself in everything you do. Giving yourself permission to make mistakes, and recognizing that your mistakes are a part of Participating in Life (#3 of the Three Necessary Things) just as much as your triumphs are. Caring enough about yourself to make a conscious effort to improve your health and wellbeing.

For me, this means several things: cooking from scratch more often (so I control what I’m putting into my body), building my strength and stamina and taking care of my lower back (yoga is great for this), flossing my teeth (a run-down the the benefits of flossing can be found here), reading for fun and knowledge, and BICHOK (butt-in-chair-hands-on-keyboard, a.k.a. writing), with chai tea on hand.

For writers, we need to be in a good headspace to do our work. Doing what we can and taking time out of our days to take care of ourselves is essential to getting into that headspace. If we eat the quinoa instead of the fries, if we walk around the block instead of scanning Facebook, that nagging ghost of ‘I should’ or ‘I need to’ that haunts us when we’re sitting BICHOK goes away, leaving us free to concentrate on our craft.

And then the only thing we have to distract us is the cat in our lap.


What are some things that you do for yourself that make you feel awesome or accomplished? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “The Care and Feeding of A Writer

    1. My spouse is vegetarian, I’m 80% vegetarian (I still enjoy meat occasionally), and we cook vegan probably 60-70% of the time. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of snack foods that are vegan that aren’t healthy that we like, too.

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