ROW80 Update – Day 24

catwordsOscar, my yellow tabby cat, loves it when I take corpse pose (shavasana). Within a minute of my half-hour relaxation he steps onto my torso and settles down. Since he’s one of our thinner cats this is not a problem and I let him stay there until I’m done. If it was Eddie sitting on my chest, however, my spouse would be calling the paramedics when she comes home for lunch. Eddie weighs 25 pounds, easily.

Here are my goals and accomplishments for A Round of Words in 80 Days, the writing challenge that knows you have a life.

  1. Write. 500 words a day is my goal, and today I should have 11,000 words. I was a little ahead of the game, so yesterday I did some scene editing, though, and I actually lost words. I hope to make it up today and get back to where I need to be. I also think I need to consider developing a skeleton plot so I know where I’m headed. Some major story questions have appeared and I have no clue as to what the answers may be. I might brainstorm plot structure on Saturday.
  2. Exercise. I’ve been doing 20 minutes of Yoga every day, excepting Sunday and today. My back has been aching a lot, so today I gave myself a break and just did shavasana, which helps a lot.
  3. Life. Let’s see… I went out into the yard on Sunday to pull up some stakes, measure for a fence, dig out a t-post, and move the compost container to where our garden will be. This also qualifies as Exercise. We had the windows open that day, the first time this year. The same day that the east coast was being bombarded with heavy snows. I’m still getting used to spring starting in February where I live along the Rio Grande. I only miss Michigan in October because of the fall colors, but that’ll pass as we spend more time hiking in the mountains in the fall.  This weekend we’re going to our local cinema to see The Revenant. I keep thinking it’s a zombie movie because of the title, but it’s not. It’s something my spouse is interested in. Since she’s agreed to go to see Deadpool when it opens, I’m going to see this with her.
  4. Goals. My fourth goal is a meta-goal. It’s the goal of sticking to these goals. I’m doing good on this part, so far, but we’ve got over 2/3 of Round 1 to go yet, so I’m not going to brag about it yet.

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2 thoughts on “ROW80 Update – Day 24

  1. Yes, Michigan in October is absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

    Nice work on the goals. The cat story is cute. Back when we used to let our cat inside our bedroom at night (we don’t anymore b/c breakables), she would sleep on my ankles. Hailey is not a lap cat, though. She’s only gotten on my lap twice, and once was because I was recovering from surgery. But she shows her love in our ways. 🙂


    1. Aw. Hailey sounds adorable. We can’t have closed doors in the house; our Mordred will not stand for it. He will rattle a closed door for HOURS. We have learned to keep the breakable knick-knacks to a minimum. We often have several cats on the bed with us when it’s cold. 🙂


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