ROW80 Update – Day31

Really quick update today. My goals: write, exercise, life.

Write: I’m taking a break from word count goals this week to hash out a skeleton plot. I understand why Ian, my main character, is being hunted, and how that should play out now. I think I’m good to go to get back on track next week.

I have realized that by Friday, after a week of writing all day, my brain is fried. I may switch writing to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and leave Wednesdays as a mid-week mental rest from the plot. I’ll keep aiming for my average of 500 words a day, 2500 per week, by upping my 4-day word count to 625 words, instead of 500.

I’ve also joined Scriblophile. With a mid-week break from my novel, I can dedicate some time to reading and critiquing others’ novel chapters. If anyone reads this who’s on Scriblophile who’d like me to look at their stuff, please scratch my pad:  and tell me you found me here.

Exercise: My back is really screwed up, sending shooting pains into my legs, and a constant sharp ache. I need to get to the chiropractor, but our insurance doesn’t really cover it. It says it does, but only for visits over $30 or $40, which is what they typically charge for a visit. Which translates as it’s not really covered. So, I’m laying shavasana for a half hour every day, because it helps for a few hours afterward. When I’m a rich and famous author I will be able to go to the chiropractor whenever I feel like it. Being in constant pain is very exhausting. I will get some walking exercise on Saturday, at least.

Life: This weekend my spouse and I are going to the Chocolate Fantasia in Silver City. Last year was our first time, and it was lovely. The dog is not going this time because we want to spend more time looking in the shops and galleries during the walk around town. We will be read the Husky Riot Act when we get home, I’m sure.


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