The Drow Girl Strikes Back

drowgirlMy son has gone home to Michigan, which leaves our 5th Edition D&D campaign down to only me and my spouse. I’m running 3 NPC adventurers to her 1 PC. With Valerius out of the picture (he left Greenhaven muttering something about hunting down the vampire who killed his family), “Captain Salvek” needed a new Rogue.

By the way, there’s a reason I keep putting “Captain Sal’s” name in quotes and not anyone else’s. It’s because he isn’t really Captain Salvek. My spouse gave him the Charlatan background and he assumed the name and rank after killing the original in a duel. Since he was a better leader than the original Salvek, the mercenary company’s 2nd in command (Morganae, a Tiefling) decided she’d go along with it and backed him up when he presented himself as their new Captain.

The Adventure Setup. I wanted to do something with low-level undead and give some more background into the ancient history of my world. Next week I’ll post the details of my adventure, Doroth’s Grace, if you don’t care how my party got to the start of the delve. The adventure setup is a continuity thing for my campaign, but Doroth’s Grace could be placed anywhere in anyone’s world with no setup other than a rotted floor or concealed pit collapsing under heavy adventurers’ boots.

I had planned for Ash to take over Valerius’ position in the party when my son went home, so I quickly wrote up some backstory for why he would know Roguey things when he grew up in a brothel/temple. Turns out, a couple years ago young Ash sheltered a wounded Tiefling Rogue by the name of Jessamae, who taught him her trade. As it happens, Jessamae was the little sister of Morganae, “Captain Sal’s” second. When the company broke up and was absorbed into other companies, everyone went their own way. You can imagine the look on Sal’s face when Ash told him how the good folk of Greenhaven found and executed Jessamae for thievery (and being a Tiefling).

So Sal the Fighter, Ash the Rogue, Donella the Cleric, and Lula the Gnome Wizard prepared to leave Greenhaven for the capitol, Delvinia City, but first they had to retrieve Ash’s Rogue gear from where he had hidden it in an abandoned mine where he had sheltered Jessamae.

The mine’s main room on the surface was split in two with a large shaft in the center preventing anyone from easily getting to the other side if not for a newly-constructed rope and plank bridge, secured to four wooden posts, two on either side of the shaft. On the other side of the bridge, in the mine boss’s office, was where Ash stashed his gear. The bridge was perfectly safe and sturdy and they got across and retrieved the gear with no problem.

On the way back across the bridge, that Drow girl who escaped while the party killed Ash’s father showed up on the other side, axe in hand. She didn’t waste any time cutting first one rope support (the bridge tilted madly, Dex checks were made for all, and Ash fell…) and then the remaining rope support. The rest of the party plummeted down the dark mine shaft.

But Sal had given Ash the Ring of Featherfall (from the giant spider room in the previous adventure), so he was okay. Lula caught herself and the others in a Featherfall spell on the way down, so they all landed unharmed at the bottom of the mine shaft. The echoes of childish laughter drifted down from far above…


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