About Athan

Not Athan CarterAthan Carter spent his formative years on the planet Hoth, shoveling snow and freezing his face off. He sought refuge from the cold in a trans-dimensional library, where the sentient books welcomed him and taught him how to travel through space and time at the speed of thought.

As a young man, he caught the attention of a thief named Shadowspawn, who took him to his home city of Sanctuary. There, he met a ragtag band of vampires living in an old vardo and promptly joined them, faithfully documenting their adventures for years.

Tragedy struck when a vortex opened up and sucked him in, trapping him in the Underdark.  The lack of sunlight sapped his brain and prevented him from remembering how to thought-travel.  After being chained to a desk in the seamy underworld of collegiate office politics for almost fifteen years, a water faerie happened upon him and kindly showed him the way out. The going was long and difficult, with many obstacles and opponents to overcome (and alliteration to alleviate) but a firefly dragon flew in to light his path and show him the way home.

Reunited with his vampire companions, and bolstered by faerie magic, Athan moved to Arrakis, where he now lives among the warm dunes and rides sand worms for fun.  He continues to document the adventures of his vampire friends and is now becoming acquainted with ghosts and demons, who also want their stories told.

He still practices thought-travel at every opportunity.

Athan can be reached via:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/athancarter/
Twitter: @Athan_Carter https://twitter.com/athan_carter
Gmail: athancarter (infrequently checked, unless I’m waiting for something)
NaNoWriMo: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/athan-carter (but not participating this year)